NAME Caitlynn Palladino

Would you recommend it to your friends and colleagues? Yes

Do you have any suggestions to improve our product and service? No

How satisfied are you with our company overall? Very Satisfied

Please grade the following tests = 20
staff = 20
sponsors = 20
give away = 20
event conditions = 20
Total: 100

Testimonial " Loved it.Great experience to know where you stand athletically. Would go again and definitely recommend to others."

"My husband Tom was there with our son Charlie. He said it was one of the most professional and informative events he has ever attended. Your staff is AWESOME."
NAME: John Ednomds

(1) What was your overall impression of the lacrosse combine?
I thought it was a lot of fun
(2) Is there anything about the lacrosse combine that you would change (good or bad)?
Nothing. I liked that lacrosse skills were included.
(3) Do you believe the combine will benefit you as a lacrosse player? How?
It lets players know which areas of the game they need to improve on
(4) Do you believe the NEXT testing technology utilized at the lacrosse combine provided you with
valuable data to use in development as a lacrosse player?
The report card is hard to understand
(5) Do you feel the NEXT testing technology provided an accurate data representation of your skills?
(6) Are there other lacrosse skills that you believe should be tested as part of future combines?
passing on the run, catching on the run
(7) Do you plan to use the results of the lacrosse combine in your communications with college coaches? Do you believe it will be beneficial or advantageous?
no but it would be helpful to others
(8) What are your thoughts on the sponsors and give-aways?
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